How To Make Fire In The Wilderness

It is always important to prepare ahead of time to avoid getting into emergency situations. If you are traveling in the wilderness, having the right possessions that can help you deal with any eventuality is essential. If you want to camp in a forest or take a survival adventure, for instance, you need to have a survival kit that contains reliable fire starting items. Since fire is quite important for survival, you need to have at least three methods of starting a fire. These may include the common lighter, magnesium fire starter, fire steel and a waterproof match case . In the event that one or two of the methods fail, you will still have another means of surviving in the tough outdoor environment.

Each of these fire starters works in their unique way. For instance, the magnesium fire starter is very effective as it comes with a source of tinder. It is important you attach a piece of a hacksaw blade that you can use to strike the fire starter. If you cannot access a hack saw blade, you can still use your knife to scrape off some magnesium to form tinder that you should light using the fire starter. The survival requirement is best attained by positioning one end of the fire starter at an angle of forty-five degrees against a rock with the tinder next to the striking point. To increase chances of fire, you can add more tinder material below the magnesium filings. These may range from dry twigs, dried grass, leaves and other materials that can help get started. A ferro rod can also do wonders. 

Besides, you need to have wood or several materials to build the fire with after the hacksaw blade strikes the surface to produce sparks. Another great source of tinder that you can consider is a cotton ball soaked with relevant fluids such as Vaseline. You should store the soaked cotton balls small containers such as the film canister even though they might be hard to find due to the increased use of the digital camera as opposed to the conventional film cameras.

Fungus can also support fire and thus you need to look for black lumpy growths on birch trees. The orange to brown fungus break off easily and are reliable as they create a form of coal that you can blow into a fire. Knowledge of these tinder materials is important, especially if when using fire steel as it does not come with inbuilt tinder. Fortunately, a survival kit provides several ways of starting fire so you will be safe even if one of them fails.

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